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Managing Challenging Situations

Who needs this course?

Carers looking after elderly people

Why is this training important?

Give carers confidence in their duties whilst safeguarding the vulnerable adults in their care.

Research shows that 70% of people suffering from dementia will exhibit behaviour that can create Challenging Situations for staff responsible for their care.
This course gives staff information and guidance, on how to provide a high level of support to those suffering from dementia within the care setting.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding our responsibilities to those who can no longer communicate

  • Understanding and responding to Challenging Situations

  • Unmet Needs

  • Creating Meaningful Relationships

  • Managing the care of those with dementia in an informed and positive environmemnt.

Duration: 3 hours

Training Platform: Live Webinar Training Seminar

Certification: Langfords Certificate 

Managing Challenging Situations: Service
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