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The Caring Angels and Tom

Updated: May 18, 2021

Over 18 years we at Langfords have been teaching and consulting within this brilliant sector. Often as I talk to groups I feel they are ground down by paperwork or the many tasks physical and mental, that face them everyday. They may feel threatened by risk of being reported to safeguarding within their daily work, whilst caring for the very vulnerable in our society.

Then there is the moment of pure love and compassion that sweeps away all these negative thoughts. When I teach Understanding "Person Centred Dementia Care," and how the Well Being Act of 2014, can support us, in truly "Stepping into their World and Caring for them in a Tender Loving Way". This is however a Two way relationship as below demonstrates, Carers truly are our Angels..

The Caring Angels and Tom

The sun shines through a slit in the curtains of his little room. Reflected dancing colours from the lamp, almost makes Tom laugh.

Sue one of his angels Knocks and comes in, “good morning Tom how are you on this fine and beautiful day”. “I’m alive” he croaks, and then grins at her at their little joke. First cup of tea served in bed. the pleasure is all Toms and he sighs contentedly.

“Would you like me to open your curtains Tom”? “Yes please, the suns been trying to burst in for ages”. Sue smiles and pulls the curtains open. “Hey Tom, the fox is back,” Tom almost drops his tea, and glances to the window, “can you help me see.”

Sue rushes to get the hoist and with Kate another carer bangs through the door. “Come on then Tom before he does a runner.” With slings carefully placed, up goes Tom and he looks desperately out of the window, as he swings round. “There he is, what a beauty, he’s sunning himself.”

Sue looks at Tom and sees tears making their way down his craggy old face. “Are you OK Tom, Is something wrong”? Tom slowly replied, "If this day is my last, that beautiful fox has made it one of my happiest.”

One year on and at his funeral, Sue remembered his words, and how he always called the carers his angels and smiled. I am no angel she thought, but she felt privileged that Tom had made her one, for just a little while.

Good Night Tom, God Bless.


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