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The UK’s most cost-effective way to train staff in all the mandatory courses required in today’s Care sector.

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 We can assure you that if Mr Langford worked as a consultant with any company and trained their staff, he would contribute to their success...

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Motivational Management Techniques

This Inspirational and vitally important course is for Supervisors, Managers and Leaders of companies large and small. For businesses who are focussed on creating the passion to deliver. Forward thinking quality driven, and customer focused. This cannot be achieved, without creating a caring environment within which to grow your workforce will flourish.
So don't "Talk the Talk and achieve little.
Walk the Walk with us to support you on an exciting motivating journey.


DoLS and its replacement:
Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS)

To improve Care Staffs knowledge and understanding of DoLS and to its use within the Care home setting. Identify its limitations and why it needs to be replaced. Introducing the fundamentals of the LPS legislation, its time scale and scope. The revised Code of Practice relating to the MCA and LPS.

Fundamentals of Dysphagia

Understanding Dysphagia and the consequences of swallowing difficulties, to the health and well-being of their residents. This course takes you through the Physical and Psychological symptoms of this condition. How best to help the residents to cope with eating complications and to the organisations you must work with. This common problem in care can develop when simple swallowing difficulties develop into potentially life-threatening events.

Mental Capacity Act (MCA)

This course aims to improve Care Staffs knowledge and understanding of a Residents rights in relation to the Mental Capacity Act, and how it applies to the residents in their care. It is an Act that answers the questions on who decides, in matters relating to their residents Personal Welfare, Healthcare and Financial decisions

Mental Health within Elderly Care

​This course will help staff and managers to understand, assess and adjust tools for care depending on the needs of each person. It will also help them understand: the effects of Mental Health in the Elderly;​ the different types of Dementia and its different symptoms​.

Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety in Catering

This course emphasises the importance of supervising and motivating staff. To give them the skills to understand all the components needed to run a successful and ultimately food safe kitchen. It gives students all the knowledge required to manage and supervise food safety systems, in relation to HACCP and Food Standards Agency in the UK.

Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering

Langfords have tailored the qualification to be relevant for cooks who Prepare Cook and Serve food through to Carers who may prepare simple meals including sandwiches, to helping residents to enjoy good wholesome food. Carers will often have help residents, when they are unable to feed themselves.

Safeguarding Framework for Adults

The Wales Safeguarding Framework for Adults at risk is a excellent improvement to the old POVA training. This framework which includes a down loadable app is linked closely to the Social Care Wellbeing Act 2014 & 2016. Its fully interactive and its emphasis is on the effect the abuse has had on the resident rather than the Abuse and the abuser. The course details the principles in which it works and will be a massive help to the industry as they deal with the daily lives of residents in care.

Managing Challenging Situations

Sometimes residents suffering from dementia will exhibit behaviour that can create Challenging Situations for staff responsible for their care. This course gives staff valuable tools, information and guidance, on how to provide a high level of support to those suffering from dementia. It will give carers confidence in their duties whilst safeguarding the vulnerable adults in their care.

Person Centred Dementia Care

This course provides managers and staff with the ideas and tools to ensure that the people in their care receive the best help possible to ensure an active and stimulating quality of life. This training is necessary for all staff working in the Care Industry looking after elderly people with or without dementia. Life is precious and time must be used wisely, to maximise happiness, wellbeing. Each day residents should feel fulfilled, valued and cared for.

Health & Safety and COSHH

This course improves Care Staffs knowledge and understanding in relation to Health and Safety. Carers will be taught how to apply Safe principles and to identify potential hazards. Be able to adhere to current Health and Safety & COSHH legislation.

Manual and People Handling

This training shows staff how to keep themselves and others safe whilst carrying out, manual and people handling duties. For staff to know the Key Areas based on TILE and to adhere to the core principles of safe manual and people handling.

Nutrition for the Elderly

The importance of good food and nutrition is paramount in keeping residents well and happy. This course looks at all aspects including the Physical and Mental health, in relation to a good and healthy diet.

Infection Prevention & Control

Infection prevention and control, training and assessment has never been more important. Langfords have provided courses specifically written to support the Care Sector in the current Covid-19 epidemic. 
All our current clients have put their staff through this intense dynamic course. We hope this will indeed help our clients to stay safe and Coronavirus free.

Food Safety

 Langfords have tailored the Level 2 Award in Food Safety qualification to be relevant for cooks who Prepare Cook and Serve food through to Carers who may prepare simple meals including Sandwiches, to helping residents to enjoy good wholesome food. Food they will often have to feed to residents, who are unable to feed themselves.

Emergency First Aid at Work

This course will give carers the knowledge and confidence to carry out Emergency First Aid or to assist colleagues when called upon to do so. It provides staff with the competence skills to carry out the duties of a workplace Emergency First Aider until professional help arrives.

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